Thursday, May 30, 2013


hey :) sorry for my long hiatus. I just enjoyed my summer 2013 and made the most out of it! :)) for short, I had a blast!

 Last May 8, 2013; I went to Manila at around 9:40 am and arrived there at 10 something am. :)) As I stepped out on the arrival area, I already knew that it is the start of my summer part 2! (summer part 1 was of course composed of Bayani Challenge, the strolling with best friends around the mall and the camp before I went to MNL :D) A bunch of thoughts are running in my mind. Thoughts that are euphoric and thoughts that will become EXPERIENCES. experiences that will become memories after 21 days of staying in Manila without my parents. so basically, all thoughts that were in my mind are my expectations. :)

(Filipino words you need to know! ATE (ah-te) - use towards any older woman than you. KUYA (koo-ya) - use towards any other older man than you.(you can't use these words towards your mom and dad))

I really don't know where to start, but here's a photo with my girl cousins taken @ Lumang Bayan, Antipolo; Philippines!!

from left to right are the gorgeous and fab ladies named Connie, Jasmine, Pearl, Curlie, Glydel, Gea and yours truly!! :)) ( Connie and Curlie are twins! :D) after this mini photo shoot, we went to SM Masinag! We strolled, pigged out and played at arcades :))

now this is a photo of me jumping. I look like a starfish here! LOL! :))

This photo was taken at Canyon Cove in  Nasugbu, Batangas!! To know more about Canyon Cove, visit their website at !!:> We also visited a beach and country club known as Pico de Loro! We were just accompanied by a staff of theirs and we took a peek on the place and its amenities! The place was awesome! Take a look too on their website at ! :))

now this is one of my fave pictures I've seen in my entire life!

This photo was taken last May 25, 2013 at Great Image! :)) As you can see... we're 14 in the picture... but sad to say, we're not complete there! :(( All of them are my first cousins and dang! we're a "swarm" of (1st) cousins because we're like 32! ahahahhaha =)) but I believe in the saying "the more, the merrier!". I like this pic so much because it describes unity in all of us! :) heshteg Javellana =)

This pic is kinda blurry, but oh well :)

 My cousins and I rode the caterpillar at By the Bay in SM Mall of Asia! It seriously made me dizzy. I felt like it twisted my internal organs and at that time, I expected that I'm gonna puke. :s but Thank God that I didn't puke at all! :)) nyehehheheheheheh


Once upon a time, a bunch of kids we're so happy riding a banana boat..

and then suddenly..




but THEY'RE STILL SMILING even though their noses and heads are kinda painful. :))

THE END. hahahahahah ( kinda lame story lawl! )

here's a jump shot with ate Gelli!!

she's like, "GO AWAY, STARFISH!!" hahahahaha =)))

found a photo with kuya Jan! I find this photo kinda funny! hekehek :)

~ I think that was the end of my post with a lot of pictures but anyways, I have a friend which is also the cousin of my cousins named ate Camille! She's taking Culinary at CCA Katipunan! :) and I think you know what's next.. of course, FOOD GALORE every day or week NYAHAHAHAHHAA. :) but honestly, I gained weight ;)) She cooked roasted or baked whole chicken stuffed with yummy condiments that comes with 2 sauces to enjoy! The yellow, creamy sauce was delightful and the other sauce was made of chicken water stuff with olive oil that tastes sour!! She also cooked baked potatoes with mozzarella cheese and idk what's the other cheese, cooked blue pancakes with cheese that comes with white chocolate and chocolate sauce ( umf yum!!) and baked my favorite red velvet cupcakes with scrumptious frosting on top!! I also remember the time that I went out with the Paredes fam and pigged out at Eastwood.. and I will never forget that my cousins and I swam on the pool and the nail polish, sleepover and movie marathon sesh with ate Gelli and Camille and kuya Jong and Jan and Gino!! I also made new friends which were the relatives and neighbors of my cousins. :))

All sleepless, eye bag-worthy nights and funny, merry days will always be kept in my mind and heart. as i have said, I HAD A BLAST! :))

" A dream come true, a moment to remember, a memory to treasure forever." These were the words of wisdom of my friend, Shine Genzola that I can really relate with my experiences this summer 2013! :)

~ hope you also had a blast on your summer vacay! and for those who will just be experiencing their summer 2013, enjooooooooy! :D
~sorry for the typographical error(s)! let me know if you see one! Please leave a comment or tweet me @kiaparedes :)


(lame pic lol) =D