Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Post by Kia Paredes

So hey there! New Year is fast approaching and now here's a treat for all of you. I will share my TOP 10 favorite websites because I take it as a present that can help you in a lot of ways! :) Be inspired as I show the 10 websites I really love. :)


As a girl, I love looking for some guidelines on how to put on make-up because I want to experiment and explore! :) So dear, here's a site for fast glamour! Visit this website that gives tips and tutorials to put the glam on in just 15 minutes! :) (best for women who works in the office, hospitals and other establishments where you really have to be on time :>)


So much love for this site! Love the pastel colors and everything about The Beauty Department! You will definitely learn a lot of tips on how to do your hair, make-up, and you can find fashion or beauty inspirations in this website! I'm sure that you will not regret visiting this website! :))


Oh no I really love Polyvore!!! In here, you can find some inspirations on what to wear, decorations good for your house, and some thrift online shops! You can also express your style by creating some collages of outfits and you can definitely meet new friends! So what are you waiting for? Visit this site and register now! :))


The fab, snazzy model, Adrianne Ho shared her daily routine here in Sweat the Style! Be inspired as she shows you the right food to eat, the fashionable outfit to wear, and she helps you change your lifestyle by exercising everyday! This site is good for all of us!! Visit Sweat the Style now! :))


Nylon Mag website is one of a kind.  I love this website because it's quirky, adorable and cool!! Get daily scoops of your favorite Hollywood stars, get some beauty tips, latest songs and movies, get to know some models and you can shop in Nylon Mag website!!


FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. yes. I love Sorted so much because of the people teaching how to cook in a funny way! =) I love how they brighten up my mind that cooking should not be really serious and that I should just have fun while doing all these stuff! Yummy recipes plus quirky instructors plus organized site equals perfection!! Visit Sorted now! :))


HYPEBEAST is sooooo COOL. It's actually an online magazine! According to its about page, Hypebeast's daily news became an important section to those who want to know about the latest development in fashion, music, design, and lifestyle! So I really love this site because I get to know a lot of facts about street wear and more! And there's also an online store which sells high fashion products! So visit Hypebeast now! :))


Twitter. I love Twitter. I also express myself here and I communicate with my friends in Twitter! I get a lot of updates from my favorite stars! If you don't have Twitter, I tell you to sign up now! :) and yes follow me on Twitter @kiaaamoy :)) Let's be all friends!


I love how this blog shows the open-minded vibe! Selectivism is clearly a blog that will hear and know your suggestions, comments, opinions, clarifications, questions , and more about a certain topic or thing! Their awesome mantra:

We question everything.
We are culture jammers.
We aim to make friends.
Convention: a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted standards, or social norms
Culture Jammer: one whom attempts to disrupt or subvert mainstream cultural institutions
Friends: people who share a cooperative and supportive relationship