Wednesday, June 05, 2013

INSPIRATIONS for S.Y. 2013-2014

Hello! Ola! Bonjour! Ahn hyung! Konichiwa! (first entry for June 2013 yaaay! :D)

Summer's OVER and School's NEAR. Up to this point, I'M STILL LAZY TO GO TO SCHOOL. Time really flies so fast. Before, it was only March 16, 2013; the last day of our school year 2012-2013. But today, it's already June 2013!! June 10, 2013 is the starting point of real reality, which mean, all goes back to NORMAL again. To gear or fuel me up this school year, I should be inspired.

Inspiration. It is somebody or something that inspires somebody to creative thought or to the making of art. I bet all of us have inspirations in life to keep us going. Without them, we'll surely fall. So, in order to make me rise from "the summer hangover", I have 5 inspirations to remind me about my goals that I have to achieve!! :))

Number one on my inspiration list is God.

He is my refuge, my best friend, father, Savior and more. He gives me the strength that I need and he guides me always. He's always there to listen if I have problems and good news. He's the reason why we are still alive because He died for all of us. He saved us from our sins and He forgave us sincerely. Therefore, it is an honor to me to lift all my success to my one and only God. :)) AMEN!

Second is my beloved family.

They are my number 1 supporters and they did not leave me whether I'm in a proficient or deficient situation in life. To survive the roller coaster ride of my life, they always cheer me up and motivate me to become one of a kind. They give me tips on how to cope with the not-so-good and so-good atmosphere! So, when I achieve my goals, it's time to repay them with all their kindness and love that they gave me. I don't want their sacrifices and hard work to go to waste. In order to succeed, I need my family, and in order to make them delighted, I need to achieve.

Third on the list is college.

As they've said, high school is a preparation for college. The most important years that really need attention are the third and fourth years. As an incoming Junior, I need to double my effort on my academics, as well on my co-curricular activities. The picture above shows the schools where I want to pass, and will even be my home  for 3-4 years after high school. College inspires me to do good because it is an important piece to the puzzle of the future. It is where I start to fulfill my "major" goals in life! :))

 Fourth on the list are my best friends! :)


They're my awesome, quirky and loving sisters. I draw inspiration from them because somehow, we have the same perspectives in life. We are helping each other especially on our studies because we promised that we will all be successful someday. If we'll be successful someday, we're gonna travel, eat exotic food, do adventurous stuff. for short, we're gonna do our bucket lists! :)) and that promise that we made inspires all of us to do good every day.

Fifth are my favorite athletes!

So they are my apples of my eye in sports! Jeron, Thomas and Mika from DLSU; Jeric from UST and Kiefer from ADMU. The boys' sport is basketball while Mika's sport is volleyball. I draw inspiration from them because I always have this in mind that if I do good every day, there's a possibility that I can see them soon. I've never seen them in personal, BUT I have the signature of Jeric! Good thing my friend gave that to me! hahahhah :))

They did inspire me last year and they will still inspire me this year. or forever I guess.
So find yourself an inspiration and make it a point to think that you're all doing this good stuff for your inspiration(s)! and ALWAYS pray! I assure you, it really helps! :)

Thanks for reading! God Bless you all! :)