Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mega Camp ♥ (photo diary)

God is such an awesome God! He made all things possible, and I'm really honored to share my experience in this camp to all of you.

all pictures (c) Raymund Salazar :)

Freddie and Pat

                                                                             Kia and Eubrey


Jay and Steph

mixed emotions

playing Doctor Quack Quack!! so much fuuun :)

 it's actually fun when you wash dishes with friends!!

Presentation of IS 1 or  hahahaha I forgot if they're 1 or 2 -___- :)
~this  is FUNNEH. SWEAR.

Raymund, Paolo and Drake

Kyle V., JC, Martin and Paolo

Kyle S

Presentation of the Taytung Group! :)
~serenaded people haaaay so nice

Pat, Freddie and Andrea! :)

Presentation of Hua Ming group! :)
medjo SPG hahahaha but it's funneh :D

Jay is the staaar ahahah

Presentation of IS 1 or 2!! :) hahaahahahah
~i loveee their presentation! :D
oh Luigi

rolling boys: Miro ,Derick and Aldwin hahahah

Pao & Natashuuuh

unity without an end :)

'til next time! :) ekso ekso, Kia ;)